RGA Knowledge Day

Welcome to RGA Knowledge Day. In this special event, RGA subject matter experts from around the world share timely insights and information in a series of webinars, organized into three categories:

  • Distribution and Behavioural Science
  • COVID-19 and Medical Trends
  • Business Improvement and Innovation

RGA thought leadership is presented by the company’s deep bench – including medical officers, actuaries, behavioural scientists, business and marketing professionals – with a focus on helping insurers navigate current and long-term impacts of COVID-19 while engaging consumers.

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Distribution and Behavioural Science

Three presentations on how insurers can thrive in today’s more personalized market through new tools and consumer insights.

Behavioural Science: Why We Seek the Information We Do and How That Changes Our Behaviour
Presented by Matt Battersby, Vice President and Chief Behavioural Scientist

Evolution of the Purchase Journey: Will Insurance Distribution Bounce Back or ‘Bounce Forward’ in Response to COVID-19?
Presented by Peter Rodes, Vice President, Consumer Engagement, RGAX

Changing Consumer Behaviour and Digital Distribution in the COVID-19 World
Presented by Jonathan Hughes, Managing Director of EMEA for RGAX

COVID-19 and Medical Trends

What we’ve learned about COVID-19, how it is affecting claims and underwriting, and its potential impact on future operations.
Note to Viewer: Conditions surrounding COVID-19 change rapidly, as does our understanding. Views presented in the following videos may no longer be current.

COVID-19 at the Crossroads: Where Business Meets Science
Presented by Daniel D. Zimmerman, M.D., Senior Vice President, Head of Global Medical

SARS-COV2: Lessons Learned and Looking into the Future
Presented by Georgiana Willwerth-Pascutiu, MD, DBIM, Vice President and Global Medical Director

How Has COVID-19 Influenced the Insurance Industry, and What Does This Mean for Your Business?
Presented by Heather Lund, Regional Chief Medical Officer, Asia
Neill Muller, Chief Marketing Actuary, Asian Markets
Paul Jones, Regional Chief Underwriter, Asia
Tina Paap, Vice President, Claims, Asia Pacific

Man Vs. Microbe: Emerging Hot Topics in Infectious Disease and Product Development Opportunities
Presented by Heather Lund, Regional Chief Medical Officer, Asia
Fang Zhong, Executive Director, Business Development

Medical Mayhem
Presented by Adela Osman, Chief Medical Research Officer, South Africa

Business Improvement and Innovation

Learn how insurers are adapting to change and implementing innovative solutions.

Partnering with Innovative Startups in the Insurance Ecosystem
Presented by Jonathan Hughes, Managing Director of EMEA for RGAX

The Changing Roles and Responsibilities of Analytics Leaders
Presented by Isin Ozaksoy, Ph.D., Head of Data Analytics, Global Data Analytics, EMEA

Winning Strategies for Growing Individual Protection
Presented by Roberta D’Ascenzi, Head of Operations, Italian office
Flora Aliyeva, Business Developer, Italy